How to jumpstart a car with this portable car jumpstart?

  1. Open the portable car jumpstart dust cover, insert the Battery Clamps into the interface of EC5 Dock;
  2. Clip the red clamp on the positive electrode of car battery, clip the black clamp on the negative electrode of car battery(the red clamp represents positive electrode, black represents negative electrode );
  3. After correct connection, the battery clamps will activate automatically and green indicator light on the Safety Box of the Battery Clamps will be on, please start the car in time; The battery clamps will turn deactivative if user doesn’t start the car in 90 seconds. User needs to reconnect the clamps to the vehicle battery to re-activate the battery clamps.
  4. After the car is successfully started, please remove the Battery Clamps from car battery carefully and unplug the Battery Clamps from the EC5 Dock timely.

portable car jumpstart


  • Green Light Blinks: Standby/Over Attempts
  • Green Light On: Ready To Jumpstart/Manual Activation Mode
  • Red Light Blinks: Low Battery Voltage/Over Temperature
  • Red Light On※: ShortCircuit/Over Current/Low Jumpstart Voltage
  • Red/Green Light Blinks: Reverse Polarity (※ Remove the clamps from the unit to recover.)

Attention: When taking off the Battery Clamps from car battery timely, the Clamps are forbidden to connect with the positive/negative electrode, otherwise it may cause short circuit protection and electric spark. Please separate the clamps from the jump Starter in time. If there is a short circuit protection, the indicator light on the safety Box of the battery clamps will turn red, Disconnect the clamps from the product immediately to recover, please clear the wrong doing before using again.