Sbase Corporate Culture

Focus, Professionalism, Experts

We always adhere to the corporate culture concept of “Focus, Professional and Expert”, the core of which is a word of “specialization”. It embodies the strategic vision of adhering to the philosophy of Focus, realizing Professional operation and management, and finally focusing on building a global leading Expert brand, as well as the spirit of professionalism advocated by Great Wall.

High standards and strict requirements for product

We do not pursue leading products in quantity, the focus is to make products stable, reliable, classic. SBASE ® series emergency start power with its excellent quality, credibility, and is famous for its technology level, all products are in accordance with the most stringent standard design and production, and in products for the global procurement, research and development, manufacture, sales and customer service, and all aspects are better.

The concept of energy conservation and environmental

Sbase’s choice of lithium battery as the carrier of mobile energy storage is also due to the environmental protection characteristics of the material itself, which also conforms to European ROHS regulations. As a responsible enterprise, it should not only assume the responsibility of application to the future development of society, but also pay attention to environmental protection, which is the foundation of a modern qualified enterprise.

SBASE ® in emphasis on product safety and durability, at the same time also gives the product design should be pegged to the ecological and environmental protection. It requires convenient assembly, convenient replacement and convenient waste maintenance. Comply with the 3R principle of modern industrial design (recyclable, easily disassembled, renewable and recycled parts or whole equipment) and the principle of ecological environment protection.