SBASE is a Portable PowerStation solution and system service provider, mainly expertise in Portable Auto-Jump starter Tec, Portable Solar Generators, Portable Solar Energy Tec, and OEM/ODM businesses. Company was officially founded in 2010 and consist of R&D center, Industrial design center, Quality control center and Manufacturing base. 1997: Founder Jason Chan set up “B.M.S.W (Battery Charge Discharge Management Engineering Workshop” — predecessor of SBASE, specialized in providing B.M.S solutions of battery charge and discharge tech for clients from China, America and Europe.SBASE was officially founded and registered in 2010 by a group of lithium battery enthusiasts, who wanted to prove that lithium battery is better than lead acid battery in portable Power areas.

Since “B.M.S.W” in 1997, The R&D team has accumulated near 20 years experience in lithium battery and BMS(Battery Management System) tech, and has made great progress through cooperation with England, Germany and Japan in the mode of “technical cooperation+ made in china”.

In 2009 ,SBASE successfully launched World’s first liPolymer based auto jump starter –T803, support vehicle battery smart detection, user mistake proof. Thanks to the lithium technology, T803 is ultra powerful yet more compact size and light weight. In 2010,Sbase’s first Lipolymer based portable solar generator was exported to Japan.

In 2016, Sbase invented car jumpstarter based on new patented technology, the H.X.P (HybridX Power) tech, which applies supper capacitors and lithium technology, Cable of jumpstarting vehicle engine under minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Sbase Development History

Founder Jason Chan set up“B.M.S.W battery charge discharge management engineering workshop” —— predecessor of SBASE®.


Start research on charge adapter, NI-MH battery charge discharge management technique.


Jason Chan joined Linghe Electronics (Taiwan Holtek Holding Company, now changed name as Xintai Electronics).


Encouraged by David of Linghe Electronics, Jason set up SBASE® Technology Corporation with shareholder investment of Linghe.


Inspired British client, try to ignite a 12V automobile using high magnification property of lithium cell.


First to release the multi function auto jump starter T803 based on lithium polymer battery technology.


SBASE® first disaster emergency multi function energy PowerStation was exported to Japan.


Cooperate with German client, and make great progress on product reliance.


Released handheld auto jump starter T203, and released intelligent safety clamps—T101 supporting M.S.P V1.0


Set up the project for first auto jump starter aiming for diesel 24V version, and started developing second Multisafety Protection.


  • Develop auto jump starter —T240 with huge power and intelligent safety clamps—T103 supporting M.S.P V2.0.
  • Develop third generation Multisafety Protection—Battery Battery Deformation DETECTION technology.


  • Develop 3rd generation Portable Jumpstarter—Hybrid XPOWER T600.
  • SBASE® achieved the title of National High -Tech Enterprise in China.


SBASE launched new patent application for safety protection for portable power in United States of America.